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Sunrise Grief Support Group

...through the valley into Light...

Grief Support groups are held two to three times a year at Sunrise Community Church (3303-37 Street NW, Edmonton)  The cost is $30 per person for an 8 week closed session.

For further details please call 780-463-2699, or contact our Parish Care Leader, Janelda Cornfield by email at


Former Grief Support Group Statements of Overall Impression:

When I started the group it came a perfect time for me.  My sister had unexpectedly passed away a month prior.  I was also grieving the passing of my brother eleven months prior.  I had learned my 1st cousin was pretty ill from stage 4 cancer.  She passed away while I was still attending the group.  I believed God gave me this group. When I drove by the sign advertising it, I was looking for some kind of healing in my heart to help with my sorrow, as it’s been a hard time.  This group gave me hope and faith for my healing.  I will use the materials given to me to cope..  One thing I really liked were the hands on activities.  Thank you so much Janelda and Marie.  God Bless.  (Fall, 2022)


I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this group.  I found this group to be helpful in my healing and grief.  Very welcoming group, listened to my grief.  I found it helpful to share my story with others in the same position as me.  I am so glad I was a part of this group.  It brought me out of my depression.  I would recommend to others.  (Fall, 2022)


My experience in this Grief group was very warming.  I have struggled a lot with grief and with faith.  Neither have made me feel judged in this group.  I was given the time I needed to talk as well as to be silent and that has given me something no other outlet has.  More than anything, I was allowed to feel ALL the emotions of my grief even the ones that aren't widely talked about.

The group support was friendly, open, inclusive.  I was made to be an intrical part of the group sessions.  We communicated well with each other.  Although I missed four sessions because of being overseas, I was prayed for, my involvement was missed.  I enjoyed the togetherness that was operated, I witness one individual in the group that was hurting at the beginning. now that person is open, receptive and is on a positive, loving recovery within the grief.  I recommend this group session to all who is grieving and lost someone.

I very much enjoyed my time in this group.  I never knew how much emotion I was concealing until partaking in the activities.  After this group I feel refreshed and am able to think about the happy times that I have had with my mom opposed to all of my regrets and sadness.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with this opportunity to heal in a safe envirionment...And I met many friends along the way!

God brought me to this group, to help me start grieving and mourning the loss of my sister.  I was able to feel comforted in all my emotions and I was able to share my story - without judgement.  Every session and activity was well thought of and we were given many opportunities to give support and recieve support to each of the group members.  The class sizes were not overwhelming and it allowed us to get to know each other well.

Great group, caring ladies who have suffered grief themselves kindly halping people who are walking through the "valley of grief."  Good group, respectful and helpful.  It has been helpful to share "Cher" with you, Thank you so much.

Very encouraging and enlightening.  Got some very good suggestions and advice.  There were times when it was tough to dig down deep into the emotions being felt.  Realize that my journey is not yet done.  Enjoyed the differnt activities that we did in the group.  Enjoyed being around others going through similar things.

Coming to this group was a bit scary not knowing what was going to happen.  That being said i am so glad that I came.  I got more out of this group than any other that I have taken.  The leaders are fantastic, loving, kindness, understanding are only a few great things to be said.  You will have to attend to get the whole affect of what I am taking aobut, you have to experience it.  Words are hard to describe.

I enjoyed the experience in the group.  I was helpful and comforting to hear others experiences of loss and to share my own.  I was conforted by listening to others share their ideas of loss of various family members.  As human beings we can nurture each other in this healing circle, allowing us to fell supported and strengthened in this journey toward healing.

I enjoyed the use of art and music to understand what we need to share.  This helps us more through our grief and even our anger.  It helped me to understand and work through that there is other people and that help and support is out there. Sometimes we have to ask for help.