Luke 22:63-23:25
"Injustice Endured"

As we pick up Luke’s story,  we find Jesus is in custody, having been arrested on the Mount of Olives.  What becomes abundantly clear as we make our way through our text is that Jesus endures obvious and overwhelming injustice.  Why?  Answering this question is of utmost importance if we are to make sense of this part of the story and the overarching story of Jesus.  It is the love of God for sinful humanity that moves Jesus to endure the mocking, the beating, the insults, the false charges and unjust conviction.  He endured all of this out of love for you and for me, and as we grasp both the magnitude of his love and also understand that one day he will set all things right, we are empowered to follow his example and love others like he has loved us, no matter what we might have to endure.