Psalm 63
"What Do You Want?"

As we move into a new ministry year, we are refocusing on our Vision and Mission.  In this message we look to Psalm 63 as we focus our attention on our desire to Grow DEEPER in Intimacy with Christ.  As becomes clear from this psalm, David was a man who wanted God, who was passionate about knowing God, and as such, he is a model for us.  But how can we grow into individuals whose desire for God surpasses all other desires?  As we discover, it is not merely a matter of getting more information into our heads but of inviting Jesus to transform our affections.  As we become attentive to our hearts and intentional about those practices that shape our loves, we will experience God’s gracious transformation of our deepest longings, so that we love the one we were created by and for and in whom we will find ultimate joy and satisfaction.