Luke 1 & 2
"The Foolishness of Christmas"
There is much in the Christmas story that does not make much sense from a human perspective.  Our familiarity can cause us to gloss over and miss the oddities, but they are there.  Those who come out greater are not those of high status — the great ones.  Rather we see God working through and making himself know to the lowly, and we see that God comes in the person of His son, in the most humble of circumstances.  This is not the story you or I would have dreamt up, but it is how God determined to bring about redemption.  In ways that the world would deem foolish, God came to set us free from sin and death, based not on our greatness or status, but solely upon our humble reception of his gift of grace and his invitation to follow him in a life that will also not make sense to a watching world.