Meagan Faryna
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Laughter of all shapes and sounds (and even sorts) filled the air at Sunrise Community Church for a special event to help couples connect.

On Sunday November 12th, Sunrise Community Church was proud to host “A Nite To Remember”, featuring comedian and pastor Steve Geyer. The church was packed with 275 people, making it a sold-out show.  The evening aimed to help couples connect though laughter while also providing concrete ways to improve communication and avoid conflict.

Everyone was expecting a great act, but we don’t think anyone expected to see just how funny Steve Geyer was! That’s because he has spent the past 30 years making people laugh. Steve explained to the audience that before he became a Christian, he was a nightclub comic, opening for big-time comedians like Billy Crystal and Sinbad.  

After becoming a Christian, Steve changed his act to reflect his transformation. His new clean comedy routine began to include matters of the heart as well. After friends noticed a pastoral element to Steve’s performances, he transitioned into full-time ministry as a pastor.  

It’s that blend of smart comedy and heart that captivated our audience that night. All the married couples laughed knowingly as Steve lamented about how after getting married, the bathroom seems to have “a little city on the counter” and the décor makes the toilet look like “it’s all dressed up and nowhere to go.”  

But by the end of the evening, it wasn’t just the jokes everyone was talking about. Everyone was guessing who was an Owl, Piglet, Rabbit, and Tigger. As Steve explained, each popular children’s book character represents a type of personality: with different desires, behaviours, and ways of communicating. Steve’s unique and hilarious way of presenting all 4 personality types had everyone laughing at and loving our differences.  

The evening of comedy concluded with a standing ovation and lots of applause. Steve is continuing to tour with Fun and Faith, an organization providing entertaining events that also enrich and improve our relationships and faith. Visit for more information.